About Us

We help farmers become more profitable and more sustainable than ever.


Greeneye provides an alternative and sustainable solution for the current crop protection practice in order to meet the globally growing demand for food, while increasing the profitability and productivity for farmers.

Greeneye utilizes artificial intelligence and deep learning technology to revolutionize the pest control process in agriculture, transitioning from the current practice of broadcast and wasteful spraying of pesticides to precise spraying in real-time.

Greeneye’s proprietary selective spraying (SPP) system turns every sprayer into a smart machine with seamless integration, our solution enables farmers to save up to 90% of their chemical cost.

In addition to the substantial savings we also capture and analyze sub-mm images from the field, providing farmers with the deepest insight in their field.

The next revolution in agriculture will be based on technology and precision agriculture. Today, farmers around the world are exposed to countless solutions and technologies that aim to recommend how to increase their productivity. We think that the next step is to transition from a recommendation to a decision based solution.

Greeneye is a leading technology company with a focus in precision agriculture, the company is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel and was established in 2017, The founders have been working closely as a team since 2004, after serving together in the Israeli Special Air Force Unit.


Multidisciplinary team with expertise in computer vision, artificial intelligence, agronomy, mechanical engineering, spraying applications, etc. We work with an extraordinary group of talented and visionary people who are committed to providing sustainable solutions for farmers around the world.